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Choosing The Right Camera

Choosing The Right Camera

With all the new and varied cameras on the market, sometimes choosing the right one for your photography needs can be confusing. All are not created equal and performance and cost will play a large role in your decision.

Some key points to be considered when choosing your camera:

1. Your purpose

2. Budgeting

3. Features you need rather than just want

4. Examining the results of different cameras

Your purpose:

1. Will you need it for snapshots? A more basic camera but one with good images will be needed for this.

2. Videos of family outings? Do your research carefully for this as described below.

3. Large pictures: Megapixels will determine quantity and the amount of data captured. If you need bigger pictures, then this factor must be considered.

4. Professional pictures: This will depend on your purpose but will obviously cost more, as many factors including image and versatility must be considered.

5. Sending pictures over the Internet: This can be done with a simple relatively cheap webcam.

6. Pictures to download into e-mails or use on Yahoo photos. Making pictures for your website: This requires a little technology and care in saving and uploading files to ensure quality. Software like Photo Shop is generally used for web editing and designs.

How much can you really afford? Budgeting: When buying a camera it is important to know that you will not only be paying for your camera but will also be paying for any accessories you need separately. It is necessary to really decide which of the accessories are absolutely necessary before making your final purchasing decision.

Photography is a fairly expensive hobby and you will be wise to keep a budget for this.

What features do you need, not just want? Buying a camera is rather like being a kid in a candy store everything is fascinating and looks so good. However cost and practical use is important. Make a list of all the features you need in your new camera and stick to it. Do not get carried away, it’s easy to do. Remember what you need and can often be achieved without many little gadgets.

Resource: Reviews of Cameras objectively written: Helping you make the educational decision, not selling it to you. Before making your decision it is wise o know something about each one of your intended choices. You will find some objective reviews here http://www.imaging-resource.com (no affiliation) Look over the reviews, go to your local camera store and list your choices. Then look carefully at the images that each camera will produce. They also offer technical help with resizing for printing and other questions you may have.

Testing your camera before buying. Compare portrait images taken from each of the cameras you want to buy and download them to your computer. Note each camera and the photo it produced. Resize the images and printout on 8×11 paper. This takes a little expertise and you may need some tech help with this. Zoom in and examine a feature of the face, an eye is good, and compare the different images. You may want to change the resolution chart to grayscale for better color comparison. Also use good quality white paper when you copy to see the best image. A word of caution photographs need quite a bit of color ink be sure you have a full color cartridge in your printer and the quality is good. Examine your images minutely, using s lens if needed.

What should you compare in the photo example?

1. Colors and missing pixels

2. Cleanness of line

3. Resolution

4. High/low lights

Comparing prices: This is a lengthy but necessary task. Do your research and compare the prices. The same camera can have wide variations in price.. Do not just rely on the stores; check photography magazines and especially the Internet.

With these points you will be able to choose the right camera at the right price for your purpose. Remember your camera is an important investment for your future. Get good value for your money but try not to base your decision entirely on price.



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