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Yard Sales

Yard Sales

Yard Sales

I’m a bargain hunter. I can’t resist a sale or a chance to get a great deal. My husband will often say that I can smell a sale from miles away. Maybe I can, who knows. Or, maybe I just like to save money and feel like I’m getting a good deal. One of my favorite places to get a good deal is a fine consignment shop. You’d be surprised at the brand names of clothing that they might have and how much stuff looks brand new. Who cares if it has been washed a few times beforehand? If its saving you money, it is worthwhile.

Springtime is the season that I become a bit obsessive. Springtime means yard sales. Yard sales mean excellent bargain hunting. My husband would rather die than be caught walking up someone’s driveway and looking through their belongings. I have no problem with the concept of that. Some of the most wonderful things that I have ever gotten for a great bargain have been found at yard sales. My daughter and I have a favorite neighborhood that we frequent every year. The development consists of very wealthy homes and looking through the things that these families are selling is just interesting. I have found many items that have never been taken out of a box before that they are practically giving away. I bought a sweater last spring that sells for $200 in stores, for only $10.00. The lady was selling it because she said that it just wasn’t a good color for her.

I’ve been addicted to yard sales since my childhood. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not one of those people who buys things just for the sake of buying. I only buy things that I will definitely use or know someone who can benefit from it. I’m very picky in what I do buy from yard sales though. Plus, there’s always room for haggling over prices. Some people hate the idea of haggling but I thrive on it. Everyone always wants a good deal.

Right after college, I got my own apartment. There was no way that I could afford to furnish it. After hitting a few yard sales, I had a nice apartment full of furniture. I was quite content with furniture that wasn’t brand new because it was cheap and in good shape. Plus, I knew that someday I wouldn’t need to be shopping at yard sales.

Of course, if you’re getting ready to move or are just trying to get organized in your home, having a yard sale is always a great idea. Not only will you be getting organized but you may be able to make a little bit of money as well. Especially if someone like me comes along.



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