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10 Fun Activities For Kids To Do At Home

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10 Fun Activities For Kids To Do At Home

10 Fun Activities For Kids To Do At Home

With such a cold weather my girls spend more time inside. This means that automatically they watch more television, which is something I don’t want them to do. Don’t get me wrong I can honestly say that I have become a great fan of Dora the Explorer and Sponge bob “thanks to my girls” but, I do not want them glue to the TV the whole day. I want them to use their imagination, learn new things and get rid of some energy. So, I schedule many activities with them during the day. In return I see that they have less time to pull each others hair because they are busy having fun. However, they are not the only ones enjoying themselves; they are giving me more space when engaged on individual activities and better yet! I am also having more fun with them. Yes, I have released my inner kid and you can too. Here is a list of fun thing to do with kids at home:

Always have plenty of crayons and a special place for your kids. So, that they can use just for creating their little Picasso drawings. Make sure you praise their efforts. The special place can be a little activity table or even in the floor.

• Always have at home: construction paper, glue, children scissors etc. have them create paper crafts. For example draw a heart cut it, pasted with glue on construction paper, and add some glue with glitter for decorative purposes.

• Put on children’s music and dance like there is no tomorrow with them. If you are truly in the mood of superstar/goofy then you can pretend to sing with a microphone and have your kids play their toy instruments and vice versa.

• For special days such as holiday’s and birthdays make easy to do crafts with your child and give crafts to friends and family as gifts. Don’t forget to tell your love ones how much help you got from your little assistants.

• Bake cookies or cake and let them help you.

• Challenge your little Einstein’s brain with blocks and puzzles.

• Read stories

• Play dress up

• Hide a toy and help them find it by leaving little clues like blues clues cartoon.

• Play games similar to Simon says, hide and seek etc.



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