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Ways To Save Money Shopping Online

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Ways To Save Money Shopping Online

Ways To Save Money Shopping Online

Did you know if you shop online, you could be saving hundreds of dollars compared to going directly to the nearest retailer? There are many advantages to shopping online: you don’t have to pay taxes, you can comparison shop, check out reviews and use coupon codes to save you a lot of money. Aside from the fact that you cannot feel and handle the product and that it takes longer to get the product, possibly the only disadvantage, if you are an avid shopper you can obtain significant savings by shopping online.

The first advantage is saving money on taxes. If the merchant you are purchasing from does not have a local presence in your state you do not have to pay taxes. For example, Amazon charges sales tax for orders shipped to the states of Kansas, Kentucky, North Dakota, & Washington. If you don’t live in those states you can buy a product from Amazon and save your money on sales taxes. When you decide to buy a product from an online merchant, make sure you read the fine print about where they have a local presence. If two merchants, retailer A and retailer B, offer the same product for the same price and retailer A is the only retailer out of the two that has a local presence, then you should definitely choose merchant B as your shopping target since you could save on sales taxes.

Of course, saving money on taxes is not just the only benefit. Before you shop online I recommend comparison shopping. There are many sites that can can help you comparison shop: epinons, mysimon, bizrate, froogle. All these comparison sites may have different merchants on their list so it’s good to try them all if you know exactly what you are looking for. Not only do they offer different price comparisons on products, some of these sites also provide excellent reviews on products. If you cannot find good reviews on the product you want, I recommend Amazon. Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers and, because of this, they have the most product reviews on every item that you can think of. There have been many times where I’ve changed my mind about a product after reading product reviews on Amazon.

Perhaps the most exciting way about saving money online is finding a good deal and/or using coupon codes from sites like Cheap-buys.com. What are coupon codes? They are text entries that you can input on a merchant’s shopping cart when checking out to receive a discount for your purchases. Almost all merchants have a input box for entering coupon codes as the user wants to check out. Now a lot of times you need to search for these coupon codes on the web since they don’t make it so obvious for the user to find. Why do these merchants provide coupon codes? Sometimes they want to boost their sales by telling other websites (affiliates) to promote their coupon codes. When a user visits the affiliate site they will see that they can save an additional percentage by using the coupon code and therefore the consumer is more likely to make a purchase since they can save additional money. Some of these coupon codes are for a limited time only and must be used quickly. For example, Dell once used to have a promotional coupon code for $750 off their laptops. It had a user limit and it expired within hours since the demand was extremely high.

I hope I have provided you with the right weapons for your next shopping spree. For additional tips on shopping and for coupon codes to save you money you can visit websites such as SAA Site. By golly, you are likely to save more than a few bucks and bring a smile to your face!




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