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Who is the TV Guardian in Your House?

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Who is the TV Guardian in Your House?

Who is the TV Guardian in Your House?

If you’re a parent, chances are you’re concerned about the content your kids are being exposed to on television. According to a March 2005 poll by Time Magazine, 66 percent of respondents said there is too much violence on TV, 58 percent said there is too much cursing, and 50 percent said there is too much sexual content. Although that’s the perception of adults, it’s based in fact.

According to the Parents Television Council, profanity is used once every six minutes on network TV shows, once every two minutes on premium cable shows, and once every three minutes in major motion pictures. Alarmingly, according to January 2005 Nielsen statistics, Desperate Housewives is the most popular network television show among children aged 9 to 12. Unless you’re willing to be the TV guardian in your house, how can you be the TV filter that ensures your home remains curse free?

Fortunately, new technology gives you the power to remove the cursing and offensive language that is coming into your home through television and video. There are devices available that can ensure your home has a curse free TV, and that when they watch TV, kids won’t be exposed to the profanity that flies in the face of everything you believe in.

Typically, these TVguardians connect between your TV and VCR, cable, satellite receiver, or DVD. After an easy installation that takes about five minutes, the device automatically detects and filters out about 95 percent of all offensive words and phrases on TV programs and videos, giving you “cursefreeTV.”

With these devices, you no longer have to be the TV guardian in your house. Instead, the device reads the hidden TV signals for closed captions, detects offensive language, momentarily mutes the sound, and displays acceptable words and phrases. In other words, you don’t have to turn off the TV or video so won’t miss a thing.

Some of these models include a feature that allows you to block out offenses to the name of God and Jesus Christ on one setting, while leaving in the name of God when you are watching religious programming.

With a device like this, a generation of TVkids can be protected from foul language, and you can watch a larger selection of programs, without being concerned that profanity will interrupt your enjoyment.




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